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Exporting Glorious British Food

Why Work With Us

Expert advice & great service.

Our team has years of experience working in the food industry and we have unique insights into the local UK food scene. We assess and evaluate the newest trends, and give you impartial & tailored advice on which UK brands would be best for you. We are keen on building long-term relationships and are committed to provide you the best service.

Cost and Convenience.

We supply many big, medium & small clients worldwide. This gives us a strong combined purchasing power, which we can use to negotiate lower prices for you. Buying from Clarges Trading also means buying from one source. This means you can order a variety of products from multiple brands and only receive one invoice and one shipment, reducing your paperwork, delivery charges, and saving you valuable time.

Right products for you.

We will assess your market and listen to your needs in order to identify and pick the right products for you. Don’t get locked into contracts for products that don’t work for you or your markets.

Trend watching.

The British food industry is always evolving, so we keep our eyes wide open and follow news and trends on new exciting developments and innovations. Many new brands come forward via exhibitions, social media, food magazines and blogs. We will ensure that we keep you constantly updated on products that might interest you and that would be suitable to sell in your region.

Marketing strategy and POS.

We will help you succeed in selling British products locally. Our team will create an annual marketing plan that is personalised for you and your business. We work closely with our suppliers and will get you the necessary extra help to engage your audience, from high-resolution images for your website or catalogues to tasting samples.


We want to work with you so get in touch today for your free consultation and a marketing plan!


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We look forward to hearing from you,

Clarges Trading Team