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Exporting Glorious British Food

Why Buy From Us

Better prices.

We supply to many big, small & medium clients worldwide. That gives us a strong combined purchasing power, which we can use to negotiate lower prices for you.

Marketing strategy and POS.

We will help you succeed in selling British products locally. Our team will create annual marketing plan for you. We work closely with producers and will get you necessary extra help – anything from high-resolution images for your website, catalogues, retail stands, brochures or tasting samples.


Right products for you.

We will assess your market and listen to your needs in order to identify and pick the right products for you. Don’t get locked into contracts for products that don’t work for you or your markets.



You will buy from one source with one invoice for all brands that you need. This will reduce your paperwork and save your buyer valuable time.



We will group your orders into one shipment saving you time and delivery charges.