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Each range (pasta, noodles and rice) is made from a specific blend of konjac flour and oat fibre complex. Konjac (also known as Konnyaku) is a plant that grows in the mountainous regions of East Asia. Juroat® is a unique recipe that gives Konjac food a close resemblance of regular pasta, noodles and rice than traditional or standard konjac.

The root of the Konjac plant is rich in Glucomannan fibre. When Glucomannan comes into contact with water, it can absorb enough water to expand over 10 times its own weight. For centuries, the people of Japan have been consuming konjac noodles, also known as Shirataki.
Konjac noodles can contain as little as 7 calories and 3.5g of fibre per 100g serving. While nutrients such as carbohydrates, sugar and fat are zero. Konjac noodles or Shirataki appearance translucent and is packed in water.

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